Liberty – baked by Barr Gazetas

06 June 2021

The Architecture Bake Off 2021: The Architects

The Bakers: Barr Gazetas
The Bake: Liberty

"Liberty was the natural choice for Barr Gazetas."

"The iconic department store is based just a few minutes from our studio and staff pass by each day on their way to work.
We concentrated our efforts on the iconic façade. The windows are created from crushed sweets which melted into the holes cut out of the gingerbread walls. The icing has a zing of lemon and rose petals adorn each window front on the ground floor. The pavement decoration evokes the famous Liberty prints"

"For the roof of the building, we wanted to think to the future and imagine the possibility of incorporating a green roof. The department store can become a key part of the Wild West End initiative, encouraging more biodiversity and sustainability in the area."


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