Liberty – baked by Benoy

06 June 2021

The Architecture Bake Off 2021: The Architects

The Bakers: Joanna Bacon, Magdalena Jaslar, Camille Lepage, Cristina Lopez & Holly Moon, Benoy
The Bake: Liberty

"Liberty London. An iconic building that our team of 5 created using over 20 cakes. Baked over 2 days in 4 different locations and built in 9 hours in our covid secure London office."

"The main building consists of vanilla and chocolate cakes and sits 10 slabs tall with painted wafer shingles for the roof, Nutella for cement, and painted icing for the facade. Gluten free yoghurt cake towers frame the central part of the building. Coconut grass is scattered in front with dried strawberry flowers and further icing flower boxes. Hundreds and thousands add flowers to the facade and rolled chocolate wafer tubes jut out from the roof for the chimneys. The only inedible item is the little toothpick flag."

"All cake cut offs were left outside a homeless shelter so nothing would be wasted and the remainder of the cake will be enjoyed by the staff in our Benoy London office on Monday. It's incredibly tasty, you'll have to take our word for it!!"


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