Liberty – baked by Mark Pinney Associates

06 June 2021

The Architecture Bake Off 2021: The Architects

The Bakers: Mark Pinney Associates Team
The Bake: Liberty

"Recently, we have all been called to seek and invent a new reality which responds to the ongoing events around the world, and in the meantime redefine what liberty means for each one of us. The Architectural Bake Off has come to challenge us in a similar away and urged us to rediscover new ways to represent what we are all very familiar with, architectural forms. We have decided to approach the building of Liberty in a metaphorical way and to use it as a ship which leads us to freedom of expression and assembly. The central bay of the façade is coloured with the colours of the pride flag, which is the epitome symbol of expression freedom. The bake off for Mark Pinney Associates turned into the event which coloured the reunion of the team in a similar way as the colours of the Pride flag, vivid."


London Festival of Architecture

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