Look Up

01 October - 29 November

The City of London is full of architectural marvels, from the quaint ornate to glass wonderscrapers. The ‘Look Up’ benches hint to passersby that they might observe the immediate world around them. The upward glancing eyes invite the viewer to look away from the screen of their smartphone and gaze up at the London skyline. Each eyeball provides space for a person to sit and reflect or indeed interact with the person on the other eyeball. The design even allows for a socially distant meeting with adequate space between the two benches. The bench structure incorporates stacked plywood arches for sitting with angled steel backrests sandwiched in between, all held together with metal rods and painted in bright, saturated colours. In the bustling metropolis of the city, ‘Look Up’ provides a moment to perch, relax and contemplate the world around us.


Look Up was created by Oli Colman

The LFA City Benches are a series of give temporary benches created by emerging architects and designers for an annual design competition for seating in the Cheapside area, in partnership with Cheapside Business Alliance and the City of London Corporation.

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