Maggie’s West London Centre – baked by Lemonot

06 June 2021

The Architecture Bake Off 2021: The Architects

The Bakers: Sabrina Morreale and Lorenzo Perri, Lemonot
The Bake: Maggie's West London Centre

"A long weekend of trials and rehearsals - what could have looked like a defeat has revealed us the greatest discovery. The oven left us just after taking out the base of the carrot cake and strawberry glaze. Then we started with the raspberry cheesecake and soon after the breaking of the ceiling made with the pancakes and chocolate icing started to crumble. Such an interesting process for such a wonky outcome - not up to par with the beauty of this building. But after all, this extraordinary place does not have a single perspective that is the same, and yet it so so so good."


London Festival of Architecture

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