Up and down – sketching from every angle

From carefully planted trees and well-maintained flowerbeds to grass growing between paving stones or moss on a wall, nature is everywhere in the city, softening and subverting the angles and planes of the built environment.

Street trees, roadside flower borders and the creation of green walls and green roof spaces all contribute to bringing nature more into the area. Their value is hugely important, especially for public health, and for providing amenity to residents and workers alike.
People’s understanding of the complicated connections of our natural world, and how we are part of it, has grown significantly in recent years. Team London Bridge has worked hard to support community initiative and to invite the natural world into previous industrial areas. The area has ‘pocket parks’ or legacy gardens and churchyards, some of which are almost invisible (obscured by railway lines, arches and buildings) or difficult to access as one needs to cross busy roads.

Date: Wednesday 19 June 2019

Time: 6:00pm

Where: Science Gallery Courtyard, next to Guy's statue in the centre of the courtyard.

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The London Festival of Architecture celebrates London as the global hub for architecture. The festival returns to the capital from 1-30 June 2019 with a lively and diverse programme of public events across London exploring the theme of ‘boundaries’.

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Team London Bridge is a supporter of London Festival of Architecture 2019.

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05 May 2019

18:00 -19:30

Admission: FREE

More Info: www.teamlondonbridge.co.uk/events/2019/6/1/lfa-drylands

Tickets/Booking: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/wet-and-dry-land-the-rivers-and-the-swamps-and-islands-of-horselydown-and-leathermarket-tickets-60135347443

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Bridge Theatre

3 Potters Fields Park London SE1 2SG SE1 2SG

Meeting at Guys Campus Courtyard - Beside statue in the courtyard

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