Mass Virtual Gallery – Constructed Landscapes

18 June 2020

18:00 -19:00

Mass Collective features two photographers in a virtual gallery space. They will be showing personal projects documenting the British built environment.
The virtual gallery will be available to be explored with your personal avatar and you'll have the chance to see the exhibition and interact with the panel.
Each event will have 20 virtual spaces available to attend the presentation. The event will be also live-streamed to Youtube in collaboration with architectural photography festival Zoomed In. The virtual gallery will be open for the following week to the public.

Featured projects:

Henry Woide - No Moor

The industrialisation and constructions that once shaped the landscape of Dartmoor are in turn being shaped by the moor itself. Degrading structures, making them take on an odd purpose and form. Strange concrete objects, flashes of colour and towering brick which once interrupted the skyline are becoming no more.

Luke O’Donovan - Last Days of Coal

Is a series documenting coal power stations in Britain before they're phased out in 2025.

Limited edition prints and other print products from the exhibition will be available at:


If you book onto an event you'll be providing your information directly to the event organiser rather than to the LFA and their privacy policy will apply.

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Image: © Henry Woide

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