Negroni Talks – Where’s the punk in architecture?

The Negroni Talks – hosted by architects Fourthspace and sponsored by Campari – is a series of provocative debates that will take place in the Venetian restaurant Ombra. Food, drink and arguments go hand in hand, and the talks will respond to the theme of this year’s Venice Biennale and provide a ‘freespace’ for a lively discussion around architecture and the role it plays in shifting the identity of places, spaces and groups. Covering a wide range of topics, the Negroni talks will tackle some of key issues facing the profession today, including gentrification, food, rebellion and Brexit.

The series will launch during Negroni Week - - and every guest will receive a free cocktail at the start of each talk to help fuel the debate. #NegroniTalks

Beatniks, punks and other countercultures were borne out of a restless discontent with the status quo and a desire to shift ideologies for new generations. These ideas and movements manifested themselves through art, music and literature but architecture has trodden a safer creative path. Rebellious architects appeared from time to time but what is their legacy today? Can the industry shake off its timid approach and demonstrate that buildings can affect real change?

Speakers include:

Tim Abrahams, freelance journalist
Piers Taylor, Invisible Studio
Charles Holland, Charles Holland Architects
Shumi Bose, Central St Martins
Caz Facey, Ing Media


June 18, 2018

18:30 - 21:00

Admission: FREE




One Vyner Street E2 9DG