Architectural Therapy

Our design process has been described as Architectural Therapy.

For LFA 2018 we invite participants to 25-minute ‘Perfect Day’ sessions, which offer a micro-version of our working methods, exploring people’s notions of home, happiness and fulfillment.

We offer people a direct way of understanding and focusing on what's important to them. By concentrating on possibilities rather than obstacles, the sessions can be revealing and create a personal insight into identity through creating an architectural journey.

At the end of each session we gift participants a framed page from their ‘Perfect Day’, which is likely to increase the certainty of the ‘Perfect Day’ being realised.

Our experience has been each person’s idea of a perfect day is very particular and often more easily achievable than they thought. We encourage people to keep collecting ‘Perfect Days’ and will share the method for helping other people find theirs.


June 22, 2018

10:00 - 16:30

Admission: FREE

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The Studio

320 Kilburn Lane London W9 3EF