Perfect Day

19 June 2020

14:00 -17:30

Studio McLeod’s process has been described as Architectural Therapy.

For LFA Digital 2020, we invite festival patrons to a half hour digital ‘Perfect Day’ therapy session. Each session offers a micro-version of our approach, exploring the notions of home, happiness, fulfilment.

The ‘Perfect Day’ sessions seem to quickly uncover what is important to a person’s emotional comfort, happiness and wellbeing.

We’ve learnt that each participant’s ‘Perfect Day’ is very personal and often easier to achieve than first thought. This clarity offers the power to achieve greater happiness and sense of fulfilment.

Each participant will receive their own framed ‘Perfect Day’. This keepsake is intended to be a reminder of a wonderfully simple moment, an incentive to collect more, and a powerful tool to realise a hidden goal.

Donations & Tickets
All ticket proceeds will be donated to support NHS staff and volunteers caring for Covid-19 patients through registered charity NHS Charities Together (Charity Registration No. 1186569).

Once you have registered your ticket at Event Brite we ask that you make a minimum donation of £15.00, or more if you feel you can, using the Just Giving page:

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Event Link
A link to the online event will be sent via email on the 12th June.

Tickets / Admission: £15


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Image: Studio McLeod

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