SKNYPL presents “PHOBOS”
“PHOBOS” is a film-installation about Moscow and about the big city in general, exploring and showing the role and nature of fear in creating physical and metaphysical boundaries. What is really primary, fear or border? Where does the physical boundary begin and the metaphysical boundary end, and is there a difference between them? What is the role of urbanism in creating and overcoming fear? And does the feeling of fear always lead to negative consequences for the city and life in it?
“PHOBOS” talks about the primacy of the border, as the designation of the identity of the subject and the object and as their protective function. Ordinary fears become possible markers of these obstacles, especially metaphysical. Based on the metaphysics of human nature, the city becomes an endless fractal of visible boundaries, an understanding of its own and an understanding of someone else's. Something that should be part of the city is actually autonomous, but the city consists of these autonomies.
"PHOBOS" does not answer the viewer questions, but leaves the viewer the opportunity to come to the answer to the question "What is Phobos for the modern metropolis?"

10 June - 20 June

11:30 -19:30

Admission: FREE

More Info: phobosfilm.com

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