P&P Studio Lates: Conductive Collaboration

10 June 2022

18:00 -21:00

The pandemic placed enormous pressure on us to change the way we live and work. The advancement of new technology has accelerated this change, it has successfully showcased how existing trends in remote working, e-commerce and automation have transformed our society and in effect created a ‘new normal’. People have had to adapt to an ever changing environment, balancing friends, family, relationships and work, turning to more digital tools to facilitate means of communication and interaction. This has created a new heightened awareness of the digital world and brought with it the question of how we might now want to interact with the physical world.

Conductive Collaboration investigates the post-pandemic workplace encouraging its audience to engage in discussion over the things we missed during the pandemic, the things we learned and to provoke thought on how we may evolve into the future. This installation seeks to create a physical stage that will be the vehicle for these types of conversations, it will give instantaneous digital feedback that will be displayed live on screen for all participants to see and react to.

This collaborative and open event will enable us at P&P to collate and interpret these conversations live in the room, it seeks to provoke new thought in how architecture can be the facilitator for change, how it can integrate these new technologies and transform the urban environment for the better.



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Image: Conductive Collaboration


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