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Planet Good Earth – Environmental Togetherness

30 June 2024

15:00 -16:00

The number of young people with mental health problems has almost doubled since 2016; there are limited mental health support teams in schools and no funding for early mental health support hubs. We are in a mental health emergency, and as active citizens, we want to make young people's mental health a priority.

Our team provides a platform for environmental togetherness by reimagining, repairing and rebuilding edible skatepark landscapes that provide fun, safe, healthy, nurturing spaces for young people to connect with nature, hang out, have a voice, share stories, learn new skills, support each other and a space that provides the tools they need to cultivate a sustainable future.

The panel will discuss how skateboarding and horticulture can contribute to green initiatives and healthier landscapes and how this integrated approach to growing and recreation can work together to positively impact disadvantaged youth communities nationwide.

We aim to inspire public realm planners to think more carefully about how the two can intersect and contribute to a healthier, more vibrant environment for the community.

Panel includes Betongpark, Urban Organic, Ben Raemers Foundation, Planet Good Earth, UCL / City Mill, Young Minds.

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UCL Pool Street Lecture Theater

1 Pool St
E20 2AF

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Planet Good Earth


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