Public, private, open, closed – who chooses where and when you tread

Much of the activity on the ground floor is determined by the building’s use classification, and as these uses have changed over time, the spaces and routes that connect them have fluctuated. Beyond the City boundary, and with London Bridge itself as the key access to the City, pubs, theatres and leisure dens proliferated, and over time these have been controlled by licensing. With the renovation of London Bridge and its railway arches, the development of the More London estate, and resurgence in theatre and leisure venues, we will look at where and when we cross boundaries, and who is trying to keep whom away, both now and in the past.

Join the Museum of Walking in one of a series of walks entitled Letters and Postcards from London Bridge, where we will discover an area steeped in history and undergoing rapid change. Sharing knowledge as we walk, we will invite you to write a letter or a post card from London Bridge. Highlights of participant’s experiences will be pulled together into a limited-edition Chapbook.

Letters and Postcards from London Bridge is commissioned by Team London Bridge.

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01 June 2019

11:30 -13:00

Admission: FREE

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Bridge Theatre

3 Potters Fields Park, London SE1 2SG