Reach for the Sky

The City of London, the oldest part of London was established in Roman times. The Roman walls largely existed until the 17th century and meant that the City of London was mainly contained within them and developed its own commercial identity along its tight knit medieval street pattern of narrow streets and alleyways. Walking through its heart, will we discover the foundations for trade and business; admire the architecture of churches, Livery halls and important financial institutions and learn how major events in the City’s history have affected the focus of trade within the City. The City used to be highly populated with people living close to their place of trade and places of worship. Now only about 8000 people live here whist over 350,000 ( and increasing) people commute into the City each day which giving the city a different identity at weekends to the hectic weekdays. We will learn about the 1990s IRA bombings and attempts to destroy buildings relating to its financial infrastructure and we will see how business developments and skyscrapers competing for space and reaching for the sky and changing the City’s sky-line.


June 30, 2018

14:30 - 16:30

Admission: £12.00

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Image: Skyscrapers viewed from Liverpool Street Station by Marilyn Greene


St Paul's station

Saint Paul's Churchyard exit 2 St Paul's station London EC4M 8AB

Outside Cafe Nero exit 2 St Paul's station