Reimagining the Future – Why Design Has to Change

13 June - 29 June

12:00 -20:00

Discover the transformative power of Interdisciplinary Education at The London Interdisciplinary School (LIS), a pioneering university breaking down mono-disciplinary boundaries to reimagine the future, in this exhibition on the role of unconditional design.

At LIS we work across the traditionally siloed design disciplines to release their potency and potential to improve people and planetary life through design. We believe in the application of ‘unconditional design’ which frees design to have broader impact.

This exhibition and series of conversations will document our approach through a group manifesto and showcase of BASc and MASc student projects that address a wide range of topics including climate justice, social cohesion, transport re-infrastructure, co-designed third spaces and participatory art games.

Join us for a journey across propositional projects, interdisciplinary discussions and design disciplines to reimagine the impact that we can have beyond current education and practice to deliver rapid, life changing and deep change.

Exhibition open:
13-29th June
12 - 18.00 pm Wednesday to Friday

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- The offer of design: a conversation with an artist, an architect, a surgeon and a journalist (Panel discussion, 19th June)
- Your future city (Family event, 22nd June)

Image: LIS

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The London Interdisciplinary School

20-30 Whitechapel Rd,
E1 1EW

Please come to LIS reception.

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