Rewilding the City: Social housing, mental health and wellbeing

06 July - 31 July

Rewilding the City Social housing, mental health and wellbeing project is part of a series of design proposals and workshops generated during February to June in Somers Town, Camden, London. Departing from ideologies of “design activism”, “design for change”, and “design for care” Rewilding the City addresses the following requirements:
• Promote health and wellbeing;
• Encourage community engagement and cohesion;
• Engage young people in positive activities;
• Improve spaces, places and estate regeneration;
• Reduce social isolation;
• Engage older people in positive activities;
• Improve access to training and education-based activities;
• Connecting communities with their green spaces;
• Improving mental health through the use of green spaces;
• Increases levels of arts and cultural activity;
• Expand design strategies to the wider Kings Cross area;

This series of online workshops and design proposals has been prepared under circumstances that few of us would have thought possible a few months ago. Covid-19 has changed life for people across the globe and magnified many of the political, social, and cultural issues we were already exploring. This has highlighted the importance of community and exposed the fragility and inequality of our capitalist society. Outside space is increasingly cherished and the mental health of each one of us is under ever greater pressure. The activities we present here aim to harness the best of the cities we live in by exploring the forgotten and unexpected, through nature, food, medicine, painting, mental-wellbeing and community.

Do It Yourself (DIY) Workshops:
Launch on online platform 6th July

- Make Your Own Worm-Composting Bin, by Yuan Shiqi aka Kit
- The Making of a Portable Kitchen, by Senury Peththawadu
- Chalton Street Parklet Design Workshop, by Beth Hooper
- Growing Your Own Home Garden, by Tatiana Garcia
- Talking with Colours, by Ayca Aydin
- Build your own Clay Tandoor, by Himani Ravuri
- First Aid Herbal Kit / Herbs for Health, by Aysha Farhana and Himani Ravuri
- An Earth Friendly DIY workshop. How to create a space that supports harmony and inspires, by Ed Chelsea Rimando
- Jam Sessions, by Aysha Farhana

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