Royal | Docks | Works – SURFACE + PROPERTY

To celebrate the ongoing community mapping process being carried out in the Royal Docks neighbourhood between February and July 2019, Royal Docks Communities Voice is organising a programme of 2 events exploring four selected themes addressing the concept, interpretation and quality of boundary as part of the LFA 2019 in two venues over two weekends.

Come along to this second Royal | Docks | Works 2019 community workshop event on Saturday 22nd June between 11am and 3pm in the newly reopened Barrier Park cafe with People's Kitchen where we will be sharing ideas and great food whilst exploring the following themes:

Surface - Described
• Shipping Tales - Narratives retold: Collaborative art practice and site installation using local voices and faces
• Departure Point - Co-creative process - at the table: ‘Within the bounds of possibility’ drawing exhibition of past and possible plans for the Royal Docks
Property - Managed
• Making It - Over time engagement: A series of talks exploring the impact of architectural ideas in the Royal Docks over the last 40 years
• Legacy - Our choice - their future: A model for community wealth building and a just city - A People’s Plan 1980 v 2019 - book publication and poster project

The Royal | Docks | Works programme for the LFA 2019 examines the progressive urban process that has made and is still remaking this city edgeland, uncovering the active and hidden landscape via participatory and co creative acts of exploration, proposition and reflection. The work will look specifically at the practice of planning and design in shaping the ‘island in the east’ as a marketable asset, a city resource and shared place for fostering local economies, communities and cultures.

22 June 2019

11:00 -15:00

Admission: FREE


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Image: Assael Architecture


Barrier Park Cafe

N Woolwich Rd, Royal Docks, London E16 2HP E16 2HP


Barrier Park Cafe