Sauna design for well-being – the essence of the Nordic thermal retreat

03 June 2021

18:30 -20:00

What makes a perfect sauna? What principles should I follow? Join us to hear unique perspectives from four leading sauna design experts.

Sauna and different forms of thermal and sweat bathing have been part of our constructed environments ever since we invented fire. With emphasised connection to human body and senses, as well as surroundings, nature and elements – can sauna architecture be considered a category in itself? What are the fundamentals of healthy and user-friendly sauna? Which principles are best practice and where can you get creative?

This panel of invited experts introduces the functional and aesthetic principles of sauna design for well-being.

Lassi A Liikkanen (FI) Author of "Secrets of Finnish Sauna Design"
Katie Bracher (UK) Sauna Master, Beach Box Brighton
Max Newport (UK) Director of Design, Finnmark Sauna
Asger Risborg Jacobsen (DK) Architect, designer and medical student

Hosted and moderated by:
Wendy Liu, Architect RIBA ARB, ArchNova Architects
Mika Meskanen, Co-founder and Chair, British Sauna Society


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British Sauna Society

Image: Eino Mäkinen, Alvar Aalto Museum

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