Sensing boundaries in Elephant & Castle

What makes a boundary? How we circumnavigate London, is often imagined through its hard materiality of bricks and roads, staggered by open, green spaces and meandering waterways. Yet the sensory experiences of moving through the city plays a significant role in how we perceive place, define neighbourhoods, and establish routes and routines.

This workshop, hosted by Social Life, will explore how sight, smell and sound impact on our perception of boundaries, revealing urban thresholds which may be less tangible. Participants will join us at our offices in the Pullens Yards near Elephant & Castle, to hear more about this complex area - where large scale regeneration projects sit alongside a patchwork of longstanding social housing estates, and a diverse community of businesses and residents. Participants will then be guided on a sensory walk - connecting sight, sounds and smells as elements of boundary making and unmaking.

Please note that unfortunately the venue is up a flight of stairs and therefore not accessible.

Social Life is an independent research organisation that aims to put people at the heart of places. We work with local authorities, developers and local community groups in the UK and across the globe to find practical ways to build stronger communities.

20 June 2019

15:00 -17:00

Admission: FREE


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Social Life


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