Shrine of the Goat

11 June 2022

16:00 -19:00

In an ongoing live experience, Shrine of the Goat invites the public into a dystopian/utopian world, where we ponder on what would happen if goats were to outlive - or indeed replace - humans in an increasingly fragile environment.

Working with performance artist, theatre director and curator Jacek Ludwig Scarso, and building on previous collaborations performed at Tate Modern, theatrical live scenes are merged with music and an integrated VR Performance in response to the unique site of The Old Chapel, creating a dreamscape where visitors and performers intermingle. Physically and virtually immersed in a surreal habitat, visitors are confronted with the image of goats as a poignant metaphor for stubborn resilience and an unpredictable future.

Playful, bizarre and mysterious, the piece directly responds to LFA's 'act' theme, using performance as a vehicle to interact with the idea of architecture as spectacle, and to poetically reflect on the fragility of an urbanised ecosystem.

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The Old Chapel


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