Studio Lates – Fletcher Priest Architects

23 June 2023

18:00 -20:00

Fletcher Priest Architects has grown to be one of the largest architecture, urban design, and interiors practices in the United Kingdom. FPA have studios in London, Cologne, and Riga with the majority of teams based in the UK. We will be holding an open studio, showcasing the breath and depth of our work, from masterplanning, to workplaces and interiors. Visitors will have a chance to talk to the architects, urban designers and interior designers about collaborating with clients and our fellow consultants, working with the public and other stakeholders and how architecture can benefit its users, the wider city and the natural environment. Short presentations showcasing different projects and aspects of our work will be held throughout the evening. The event will be free of charge and there will be light refreshments.



Fletcher Priest Architects

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Image: Illustration by Shaunee Tan


Middlesex House

Middlesex House, Cleveland Street, London

The building features an accessible courtyard with a small stair and elevator lobby to the first floor where our offices are located. We will signpost the way to find out office and also ensure there are volunteers downstairs to help with orientation