#5 Thomas Bryans

10 December 2020

#5 Thomas Bryans, Director and Co-Founder of IF_DO.

London is a wonderfully eclectic city. And the texture of our buildings lends something to the bigger fabric of the city. As we’ve all been locked down and cooped up, perhaps like us you’ve been paying more attention to the surfaces around us.

For Texture in London, a project by LFA and Equitone, we asked some of our friends and partners to tell us about their favourite textures in London and record a short video explaining the reasons for their nomination.

For his nomination, Thomas selected timber cobbles, such as those seen on Belvedere Road in front of County Hall.


And for those of you working in the profession, if you want to find out more about texture in architecture, we're delighted to provide exclusive access to bespoke film and CPD created by EQUITONE and featuring materials and colour consultant Jim Biddulph and poet, broadcaster and honorary RIBA Fellow LionHeart. You can find the CPD using the event link.

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