The Architecture of Multispecies Care

10 June 2021

19:00 -19:35

Stork hospitals, hotels for more than humans, recessed pavers as dishes for street animals...

Architecture across the world is animated by stories of caring relationships between humans and other animals. This presentation by Feral Partnerships looks to these stories for inspiration, to ask how we might open up new possibilities for building worlds with the other-than-human in mind. How might architecture play a part in fostering more caring attitudes towards our non-human neighbours?

Following this presentation we will enter into a conversation and reflection around architecture, care and multispecies justice with Professor Danielle Celemajer of Sydney Environment Institute.

The video will go live on IGTV on 10 June. Please find on our Instagram @feralpartnerships.


Feral Partnerships

Image: Still from Grey Gardens. Directed by Albert Maysles and David Maysles. 1975.