The structure of practice: What do we have in common?

27 June 2023

19:00 -22:00

A discussion that brings together different ideas around structure. Bringing together systems thinkers, architects and artists to talk about how each of them uses structure to find commonality. With each of the speakers in active dialogue with the work and practice of the other, the discussion will centre on the following questions: Where are the overlaps? Where are the differences? What can we learn from each of these different disciplines of creating and shaping commonality?

The aim of this event is to question ideas around structure in all its forms, going further in trying to find commonalities between different concepts and practices of structure. From practical considerations, such as how you can find a common ground between the needs of your client and the context you’re designing for, to more systemic challenges such as finding a common ground between the need for housing and industrial land in London, for example.

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Hani Salih

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Image: Hani Salih


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