Thinking Practicing Listening

21 June 2021

10:00 -13:00

This symposium will focus on the importance to architectural practice and research of listening. To listen effectively is not just to hear: it means actively seeking perspectives from those people in society whose voices are often the least audible. In exploring a wide range of voices in architectural practice, theory and history, the symposium intersects with the themes of decolonisation and inclusion, which are embedded in the teaching and research culture of the University of Westminster. The symposium will feature presentations from architects, educators, researchers and students who will discuss the themes of their work and the methods that they engage to seek out, listen to and include diverse voices.

The symposium will also focus on the role of universities in developing and promoting the practice of listening and will feature workshops and lightning presentations from students that explore reciprocal dialogue between teachers and learners within architectural education.

The keynote lecture will be delivered by Dr Huda Tayob, Senior Lecturer at the University of Cape Town. Her research focuses on migrant, minor and subaltern architectures, the politics of invisibility in space, and the potential of literature to respond to archival silences. She is co-curator of the open access curriculum and the digital podcast series and exhibition Archive of Forgetfulness (

Huda will be speaking on Transnational Architectures of Care, through her research on Somali malls in South Africa and the US.

Other speakers will include Elantha Evans, Christine Wall, Jane Tankard, Kate Jordan, Shahed Saleem.


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Image: Shahed Saleem


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