Through The Body / Beyond The Place

27 June 2021

10:00 -11:30

Is it possible to experience architecture and the city through human body? Join Architect & Yoga instructor Nurullah Kaya with this basic yoga practice which contains a series of moves and poses imbued with elements of 5 selected installations in the festival. This virtual yoga experiment offers an alternative way to visit LFA 2021 for everyone all around the World and participants will view the works that motivates each movement as they connect breath and movement, focusing on flexibility, balance, and physical sensations.

Yoga and architecture that seem very different from each other even though the common points can not be noticed at first sight. Both practices pay attention to the context of both internal and external world during the act of creating with intention to care and/or to cure the environment in spiritual and physical aspects. From the education to practice, these two practices, which works on concepts such as balance, rhythm, movement, emptiness, flexibility, and evaluate the whole process as a meaning research, in stead of having a final perfect product. Both of them are making effort to continue their practice with relation of body-space-time.

This yoga class is an interdisciplinary platform in festival programme which invites participants to experiment 5 installations in LFA 2021 through their body no matter where they are. The experiment consists of an all-levels yoga practice combined with brief information and presentation on 5 selected installations in LFA 2021. Divided into 5 sections, each section will start with a brief presentation of an installation and will contiune with a yoga flow imbued with the elemtns of the work presented.

• Yoga mat or alternatives (blanket, towel etc.)
• Comfortable clothes
• Anything that will provide comfort according to the participant's environment, such as water, tea, coffee, cushions, incense.
*The event will be held in English.


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Image: nuka+