Tower Bridge – baked by Wolff Architects

06 June 2021

The Architecture Bake Off 2021: The Architects

The Bakers: Farran Keenan, Wolff Architects
The Bake: Tower Bridge

"For the London Festival of Architecture Bake-off, I chose Tower Bridge. The tower bridge is an iconic architectural landmark and known throughout the world, it features pride of place on every key chain, every tourist route and there are countless Instagram selfies taken there every single day!"

"For me, this was the clear winner! Nothing in life is ever worth doing if it’s easy… and think of the number of strawberry laces that would be leftover!"

"For the entire cake, I used gluten-free ingredients. The two towers were formed of vanilla sponge with buttercream icing for a structural base. I then, baked gingerbread facades to “stick” to the buttercream icing, decorating the gingerbread with lemon flavoured… and exceptionally structurally sound, royal icing. Tying all four components together were the gingerbread roads, adorned with strawberry laces! "

"Safe to say, happy to avoid sugar for a while…"


London Festival of Architecture

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