Up and down – sketching from every angle

We all know how easy it is to snap a great view, especially when an opportunity is offered from the top of a tall building, but many of us find it far harder to capture it in a drawing or a sketch. Capturing the essence of a skyline in a drawing or a sketch while on the move is something more to accomplish. We are often limited in looking only from the ground up, but the London Bridge area provides a wealth of vantage points that offer unique angles to observe the boundary that is the skyline. We will begin with a drawing of a skyline view and then walk into the skyline, drawing as we go.

Join the Museum of Walking in one of a series of walks entitled Letters and Postcards from London Bridge, where we will discover an area steeped in history and undergoing rapid change. Sharing knowledge as we walk, we will invite you to write a letter or a post card from London Bridge. Highlights of participant’s experiences will be pulled together into a limited-edition Chapbook.

Letters and Postcards from London Bridge is commissioned by Team London Bridge.

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22 June 2019

11:30 -13:00

Admission: FREE

More Info: www.teamlondonbridge.co.uk/events/2019/6/22/walkshop-up-and-down-sketching-from-every-angle

Tickets/Booking: https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/up-and-down-sketching-from-every-angle-tickets-60299796314

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