Use of Resin Encapsulation for Architectural Models

As part of the London Festival of Architecture 2019, Atelier La Juntana and 4D Modelshop are organizing a 1-day practical course designed for architects, model-makers, artists, or anyone wishing to discover the world of model making through casting materials and resin encapsulation.
The course will give participants an overview of the world of casting materials and its use for architectural models, covering different techniques and materials such as silicone moulds, epoxy resin, encapsulation of animation and colouring layers of resin.
Both beginner with little experience and those with professional ambitions are welcome to participate.
The course is taught across a series of short exercises combining theory and practice, solved through direct experimentation and manufacturing, and will include techniques such as carving, moulding, and casting.
Students will take with them all the work produced during the course and an instructional publication on the use of the materials together with a diploma will be provided upon completion of the course.
The number of participants is limited to 12 people.

22 June 2019

9:30 -13:30

Admission: £55

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4D modelshop The Arches

120 Leman Street whitechapel London E1 8EU

020 7264 1288