“We Wish” exhibition

25 June 2023

11:00 -17:00

Canada Water has been and still is a site of constant change, nevertheless, how do we wish it was in the future?

Residents and visitors of the Canada Water area have been invited to share their personal desires for this place in a wishing booth placed in the public space. In a space of anonymity and personal introspection, the audience had the chance to express their dreams, hopes and fears for this place.

Now, these wishes will be displayed in a collective exhibition for all to see.

Each of us may have different visions for this place, but which wishes do we have in common? Which is the Canada Water we wish of?



Katica Puga

Website: www.katicapugaramirez.com/
Instagram: @wewishcanadawater

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Image: Illustration created by the event organizer (Katica Puga)


Canada Water Market

Deal Porter Square, Surrey Quays Road, London SE16 7AR
SE16 7AR

Public square located across the Canada Water Station (Jubilee Line).

Nearest station: Canada Water Station (Jubilee Line)


Wheelchair accessible
Level Access and Automatic Doors (or No Doors)
Mobility Impaired Walker
Accessible toilet
Quiet Space

For queries regarding access requirements for this event please contact: kpuga002@gold.ac.uk

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