Whose Elephant? An exploration of local identities

Elephant & Castle is being remade through a series of regeneration projects. This process is meeting resistance from local groups, a contest in which the visions of developers and planners are coming up against existing notions of the area’s identity.

This talk and exhibition will explore some of the layers of identity bound up in the area around Elephant & Castle, from the squatter community of the 1970s and 80s who left their mark in the coops and studios in Walworth, to the Latin American community who have shaped the shopping centre and claimed the Elephant as their hub in the capital.

We will hear from a local residents association about how they are upholding traditions of community action, from a Latin American activist group challenging redevelopment plans for the shopping centre, and we’ll find out about the role of urban nature in shaping perceptions of place and identity in the area.

An exhibition will highlight Social Life’s research into the social value of green space in Walworth, and our psycho-geographic portrait of the area carried out in 2017.

Confirmed speakers: Patria Roman (Latin Elephant), Diana Cochrane (Pullens Tenants & Residents Association), Stephen McConnachie (anthropologist).


Social Life

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June 20, 2018

18:00 - 20:00

Admission: FREE

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Image: Errol Francis for Social Life 2014


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