Work Home. Play Home. Talk Shop

14:00 -20:00

As we look towards a post-COVID world, architects will need to help people create a safer and more inclusive built environment, with homes and workplaces that care for physical and mental well-being, providing environments that support a work/life balance.

Reflecting on the theme of care, join us at 6 David Mews for a series of live screenings of 'Work Home. Play Home', a film that explores the process of designing workspaces that are optimised for and care for their inhabitants.

The film will be screened throughout the day, followed by a short talk with an industry expert, including journalist and editor Amy Frearson; New London Architecture researcher, Sarah Yates; Catarina Kohut of Jonathan Tuckey Design; and architect Tim Hall of Light Earth Designs LLP, questioning how when we care for our buildings, in turn, how do they care for us?


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