Yard Life

Yard Life is a one-off, living exhibition and celebration, introducing a typical yard in the threatened industrial area around the Old Kent Road and microcosm of the overall network of interconnected businesses and people in the area. Sharing this single yard are tray makers, metalworkers, stone carvers, carpenters, leatherworkers, graphic designers, architects, film-makers and set designers- the epitome of Jane Jacobs' mixed city. During the week, the yard operates both as a delivery yard and a workspace and is vital for the ecosystem of the economy, itself vital for the ecosystem of the city.

We are hosting an exhibition and open house, cinema screenings and party in the yard, and open up the highly-skilled manufacturers' and designers' workshops that use it, so you can experience the extraordinary potential of these places to enrich the city by weekday and weekend; by day and by night.

Open House – Canaletto observed the inner workings of manufacturing on his daily walks around Venice. Visit the modern-day equivalent and observe the inner workings of the stone carver workshop, the metal tray factory and lots more making and design studios that share the yard. Contrary to hyperbole, we don't live in a dematerialised world, and the mixed city will be the most sustainable one.

Cinema – We've constructed an outdoor cinema in the Yard. Watch films made by local filmmakers and other carefully selected films. Enjoy a family-friendly blockbuster on Sunday.

Exhibition – We've collected beautiful prototypes produced by local manufacturers, themselves amongst the highest skilled manufacturers in the world. Be prepared to enter into a sculpture park of high quality process work across scales and materials, from gigantic armatures to clay miniatures.

Party – Saturday will kick off at 2pm with pizzas and relaxed drinks and crescendo to an evening party. We have local DJs and some juicy speakers. By Sunday we will be all cleaned up and ready for an all-ages drawing workshop led by Toby Connor of OKRA studio. Let the good times commence!

YARD LIFE Programme

Saturday 22nd June

2pm – 6pm – Exhibition & Open House
6pm – 12am – Yard Party

Sunday 23rd June

2pm – 4pm – Drawing Workshop
4pm – 10pm – Films

Yard Life is hosted by OKRA studio, Kaymet London Ltd, London Stone Carving, Studio Lorenz Klingebiel, Vangelis Moscopoulos, Kezia Harper, Taylan Mutaf, Standard Grilles / Rhys Allen Ltd, Orinoco, James Pockson, Antoine Marinot, Gareth Lindsay, Hannah Woolfe, Max Johns

22 June - 23 June

10:00 -23:00

Admission: FREE

Organiser Info


Website: www.okrastudio.com

Instagram: @okrastudio


Kaymet Works

Kaymet Works, 52 Ossory Road, London SE1 5AN