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Introducing LFA Neighbourhoods – Time to discover a new part of the city

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Reimagining Atlantic Road, Brixton BID and Lambeth Council, LFA2023. Credit: Kes-Tchaas Eccleston


Newly introduced for LFA2024, our Neighbourhood programmes celebrate specific areas, town centres and bustling high streets. Designed to spotlight hyperlocal creativity and heritage, these concentrated programmes of activity celebrate the distinctiveness of London’s neighbourhoods and the people who are shaping them.

Collectively, this year’s Neighbourhoods highlight the energy and commitment to reimagining town centres and revitalising high streets across our city. You’re invited to immerse yourself within these places, experience local culture and appreciate the architecture and urban design which are shaping these pockets of London.

Whether you’re heading to Sutton Town Centre, exploring Ealing Road and Alperton, or visiting Wood Green, a series of unique, place-specific events are there for you to join.

To give you a flavour of what’s to come, we asked our collaborators to share a bit more about their area, and the unmissable activities happening for you to attend and participate in.


Wood Green and Alexandra Palace

Shaping Wood Green. Credit: Ben Blossom

What are the driving forces shaping Wood Green and how is this reflected in your programme of activity?

Wood Green is leading the way in how town centres can be reimagined.  With a bustling Metropolitan town centre, vibrant culture and food scene, Wood Green has something for everyone. This includes the iconic Alexandra Palace, which has been providing entertainment and recreation for over 150 years.

Wood Green has a new vision for the area called ‘Shaping Wood Green’. Co-produced by Haringey Council and local communities, it reconsiders places and spaces, building on the character and diversity of the people who live and work in Wood Green.

Throughout the LFA, our events will explore and initiate discussions on vital themes such as enhancing green spaces, fostering cultural vibrancy, and celebrating our diversity. It is not just about envisioning; visitors will actively participate in the transformative changes underway in Wood Green. Join us as we discuss ambitious plans and creative ideas to ensure a thriving future for Wood Green.

Events in Wood Green and at the Palace include a tour of Wolves Lane, Shaping Wood Green: the next steps in delivery panel discussion and podcast AP Sounds as well as photo exhibitions, and specially curated live music performances. The events are open to all.

The LFA is a great opportunity for visitors from across London and beyond to explore our rebel borough. Attendees will get a taste of what’s to come when Haringey is Borough of Culture in 2027.

The Wood Green and Alexandra Palace programme will take place from 3rd -9th June


Sutton Town Centre

Evolution in Motion. Credit: Sutton Community Dance

How is Sutton Town Centre being reimagined, and what key events should our audience attend to see first-hand the ongoing transformation? 

Sutton is going through a radical transformation, enhancing its appeal to all residents, businesses and visitors, and making Sutton a thriving place to live, work and study. The high street is a place for meeting and exchange, with once vacant buildings being brought back to life and creative communities and businesses taking root.

From retrofit to urban greening, sustainability is at the heart of the future of the town centre, once again becoming a cultural hub and exciting neighbourhood, with new co-working and wellbeing spaces, an independent cinema, new adult education college, new council homes and a mix of hospitality and retail.

This year’s theme of ‘Reimagine’ could not resonate more with the council’s ambition to continue creating striking, welcoming and unique spaces which are fit for existing communities and future generations. The programme of events showcases how Sutton champions radical imagination and a regenerative approach. Events like Transforming Spaces and Experience Throwley Yard highlight the power of collaborative thinking and innovative design, whilst Evolution in Motion is part of whole day activity which activates the high street.

The Sutton Town Centre programme will take place 17th – 23rd June


Ealing Road and Alperton

Past, Present and Future

How is the Ealing Road and Alperton CEZ supporting creativity and connectivity across the area, and how is this celebrated in your programme?

By giving local artists and businesses the chance to work together on projects that benefit the community and showcase its diverse talents and cultural richness, the Ealing Road and Alperton Creative Enterprise Zone (CEZ) is supporting creativity and connectivity across the area. This is celebrated in our LFA 2024 programme of events that seeks to both highlight the breadth and depth of activity within the CEZ, and lay the foundations for its future. Through these events and collaborations, the CEZ aims to create a vibrant and inclusive community that values and promotes the arts. By encouraging partnerships between artists and businesses, we hope to strengthen the local economy while also fostering a sense of pride and identity within the neighbourhood.

This not only benefits the artists and businesses involved, but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the creative community. Events such as Past, Present and Future and Growth Worth Remembering take a look into the future of the area through different lenses, one that seeks to develop its identity as a coherent place, the other exploring its potential for leading the way in sustainable and ethical production. Ultimately, our goal is to establish Ealing Road and Alperton as a hub for creativity and innovation that enriches the lives of all who live and work in the area. By bringing together artists, businesses, and community members, we hope to create a vibrant and dynamic cultural district that is celebrated both locally and beyond.

The Ealing Road and Alperton programme will take place from 24th – 30th June

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