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LFA and Barnet Council reveal ‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’ located around Edgware Station

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‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’. © Luke O’Donovan

London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and Barnet Council are pleased to announce the installation of ‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’. This was the winning design of ‘More Edgware, Less Anywhere’, a competition LFA launched in partnership with Barnet Council, Transport for London and Ballymore earlier this year.

‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’ by The Edgy Collective – formed of Barnet locals Adrienne Lau, Daniella Levene and Leila Taheri – launched on 15 June and will be in place until 13 July. The design is composed of three nature-based creative reuse installations starting at Edgware Station and reaching up to the High Street.

An image of the design team, ‘The Edgy Collective’. © Luke O’Donovan

The project is underpinned by the team’s sustainable vision, combatting the fact that construction materials are responsible for 11% of global energy-related carbon emissions. Each installation is made of natural and reclaimed materials and many elements within the installation enhance its positive environmental impact. The installations are as follows:

  • Outside Edgware Station – celebrating Edgware’s insect population with a larger than life totem for invertebrates, creating a home as well as doubling up as alternative wayfinding outside Edgware Station.
  • Garden City – creating opportunities for play and rest. It transforms this dead zone into a living space, bursting with life and colour through specially created planters.
  • Bakery Path – a portal that welcomes visitors with warm leavened thoughts, greenery and place-poetry.

© Luke O’Donovan.

Together, these installations create an alternative map of Edgware providing visitors with the experience of nature wayfinding. Falling on the 100 year anniversary of Edgware’s Station Road, ‘Let’s Meet on the Edge’ also looks to commemorate the town’s rich history and celebrate its agricultural past.

As an official LFA Destination for 2023, these installations are part of a wider Barnet programme of activity taking place throughout June. The programme will see over 80 LFA events take place, showcasing Barnet’s local history, cultural infrastructure and inclusive place-based projects. These are being led by a community of local event organisers from across the borough.


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