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LFA and Barnet Council reveal series of installations in Colindale

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© Luke O’Donovan


London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and Barnet Council are excited to announce the installation of ‘Connecting Colindale: A Flight Path Folly’. This is one of two installations in the area that aim to improve the visibility of Barnet’s greenery and connect people with green spaces.

For ‘Connecting Colindale: A Flight Path Folly’ the design team, Andre Kong Studio and Wayward, drew upon the Barnet district’s aviation history and connection to the Royal Air Force. This connection can be made through the installation structures which connect several meters above ground level in the shape of ‘flight paths’.

Design team image. © Luke O’Donovan.

‘Connecting Colindale: A Flight Path Folly’ launched on 8 June and will be a permanent addition to the Park. Located in Colindale Park it creates a contrast against the grey setting in which it is placed, bringing vibrancy and life to the area while also linking the park to the neighbouring green areas of Montrose and Silk Stream.

Additionally, the installation will provide areas for sitting and relaxation integrated within the colourful variety of climbing plants that help form its structure. As the days progress these plants will continue to grow, making green pathways in the sky.

‘Connecting Colindale’ was a direct commission launched in partnership with Barnet Council. Barnet is an official LFA Destination for 2023, this installation is part of a wider Barnet programme of activity taking place throughout June. The programme has seen over 80 LFA events take place, showcasing Barnet’s local history, cultural infrastructure and inclusive place-based projects. These are being led by a community of local event organisers from across the borough.


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