Showroom Showcase

Location: Shopfronts of Billi UK, Gaggenau, Siemens Home London, VitrA Bathrooms
Date: 2022
Status: Temporary
Client: Billi UK, Gaggenau, Siemens Home London, VitrA Bathrooms

In March 2022, the LFA launched the second edition of Showroom Showcase competition, for a series of innovative paper installations by emerging architects and designers displayed in some of London’s leading design showrooms. The international showrooms Gaggenau, VitrA Bathrooms, Billi and Siemens Home London took part in the 2022 edition of Showroom Showcase, displaying the designs throughout June 2022.


Choose Love by It’s a local collective with Tom Tse at Billi UK

Billi Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan

Choose Love uses the power of paper and words to celebrate the relationship between humans and rivers. It tells a mythical tale of life underwater, praising the beauty and importance of the river’s ecosystem – a value that It’s a local collective and Tom Tse share with Billi UK. This collaboration was inspired by the tradition of fai chun – East Asian calligraphy written on decorative paper to bring blessings into the new year – an element of culture important to both It’s a local collective’s and Tse’s heritage. As such, Choose Love acts as a meticulously carved blessing, providing a beautiful, interactive reminder that love is a choice and an action, a sentiment all the more relevant in our post-Covid world. Choose Love is generously supported by G.F Smith.

It’s a local collective is an art and architectural collective focused on creating objects and spaces that bring people together. Their projects are about building resilient social relationships and sustainable constructions playfully and seriously. They are also a materials lab that experiments with the use of local clay deposits as building materials. For this project, It’s a local collective is collaborating with papercut artist and practising printmaker, Tom Tse. Tse produces highly detailed artworks carved from paper that embrace the natural strength of the delicate material. Tse’s witty images confront the repetitive and monotonous nature of the cutting process and expose the beauty in the mundane.


UNFURLED by HagenHinderdael at Gaggenau

Gaggenau Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan

Working with paper as the raw material, UNFURLED is a feature installation taking over the shop window at Gaggenau London. Using a zero-waste methodology, HagenHinderdael proposes to integrate the installation across the existing structural framework and recycle old Gaggenau catalogues in an architectural gesture expanding across the shop window. Taking on both a 2d and 3d form, catalogues will either be stacked or folded as they transform into a 3D sculptural artwork.

The experience will be strong in both day and night, and through its re-use and non-obstructive installation methodology, ensures that HagenHinderdael aligns with Gaggenau brand principles whilst activating the architectural space of the shop window.

Gaggenau Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan

Pairing product design with art, HagenHinderdael are an award-winning creative practice who work at the intersect of sustainable design and innovative technology to create sculptural products and immersive installations. Merging sustainable materials with traditional craftsmanship and innovative technology, they produce elements, feature installations, and placemaking schemes that push the boundaries of engineering whilst bearing the incentive of a continuous afterlife.

As a creative practice, beyond their conceptual visions they are also fundamentally grounded in how to be earth- conscious designers of the future: always designing with the ethos of a circular economy in mind. From the business vision where all installations are made up of products to allow for a continuous afterlife, to their research and development arm into how to integrate the latest technologies within their designs: HagenHinderdael aim to inspire future generations into what we can do when we think outside of the box and bring our narrative full circle.


Lateral Flow by WallaceLiu at Siemens Home

Siemens Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan

Since the invention of the litmus test by Spanish physician Arnaldus de Villa Nova in the 14th century, paper has been used in science and medicine, providing a simple and affordable mechanism to test the properties of a substance. With Lateral Flow, WallaceLiu plays with their recent collective experiences by exploring the tectonic and aesthetic properties of large format strips of quantitative test paper that slowly absorb a substance, making invisible qualities tangible and real, revealing pixelated memories through the way they change colour and texture.

Siemens Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan

WallaceLiu (Jee Liu and Jamie Wallace) is a British-Chinese architecture and design firm with expertise and interest in projects that involve adaptive re-use. At the heart of WallaceLiu’s work is a desire to make places where complex relationships between new and old are celebrated through space that is rich in layers, light, colour and texture. In 2020 WallaceLiu received a prestigious UK design award from the American Institute of Architects. In 2021, the firm was selected by the Architecture Foundation for their book New Architects 4, and in the same year, the Telegraph Luxury selected Jee Liu as one of the six best female designers working in the UK.


The Floating Column by Space A at VitrA Bathrooms

Vitra Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan

The starting point for The Floating Column was to celebrate a rainbow of emotions in space. Space A loved the idea of using colour to create something that resembled both a floating classical column but also a grand chandelier. The team were inspired by the form of flowing, overlapping and looped strips of textile weaving and enjoyed the joyful mix of shades demonstrated by artists like Annie Albers. The piece is fabricated from a material that is used every day and generally taken for granted: toilet roll. As a material, it is infamous for its impact on global deforestation and more specifically its role in the ‘panic buying’ sprees that took place at the start of the Covid -19 lockdowns. But by showcasing this taboo product Space A wanted it to be a ‘joyful beacon’ calling to arms a collective wave of action to question its role in our 21st-century homes, offices and public spaces.

Space A (Amelia Hunter and Anna Drakes) are an architecture and interior consultancy based in London and Anglesey. They design and deliver human spaces that look, feel and sound like home. Space A do this with sensitivity to the user’s feelings and with empathy to their habits, routines and lifestyle. They lean into contextual, historic, material and idiosyncratic factors that make a place and building special. They ultimately believe that ‘form should follow feeling’ and that home space should make people feel the best versions of themselves.

Vitra Showroom Showcase 2022 © Luke O’Donovan


Once the Floating column was removed from the showroom the colourful materials were donated to the Work and Play Scrapstore, a registered charity in South West London which presents waste and surplus goods as arts and crafts materials to inspire creativity.

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