Ealing Benches in North Acton Square

Location: North Acton Square
Date: 2021
Status: Commission
Project Types: Street furniture
Client: Ealing Council, City and Docklands, Imperial College, OPDC

Ealing Council teamed up with City and Docklands, Imperial College and OPDC to commission three architect teams to each create a bench for the newly created space at North Acton Square. This was an opportunity to give some of London’s best emerging architects a chance to explore new ideas of what a bench can be and also to shine a light on a dynamic and fast-changing area of London. The result is three colourful but very different creations that allow people to sit and enjoy the new North Acton station square.


The Designs

VVV by Kommune

This bench is constructed with individually handcrafted bricks made from pigmented concrete. The assembly strategy creates an interlocking herringbone pattern that eliminates the need for additional fixings or adhesive, and the flexibility of the design means that it can be added to, adapted, or reassembled for alternative uses.

Kommune is a designand research thinktank, focusing oncollaborative built projectsand academia withinarchitecture and urbandevelopment. Kommune was co-founded by Lucinda Anis,Irfan Safdag and FayHuang – who met duringtheir MPhil studies inArchitecture and UrbanDesign at the CambridgeDesign Research Studio,University of Cambridge

The Life Bench by MS-TC Studio

Supported by Sunbeam Joinery and Excelsior Studios

Inspired by the shape of a lifebuoy, this bench references Ealing’s historic canals. The bold colours and undulating form are designed to stand out in the urban context, inviting visitors to sit down and drift away. After a turbulent and difficult year,  the lifebuoy is a symbol of safety which reminds us that help is always at hand.Studio

MS-TC is a collaboration between two ambitious young designers with a drive to enhance wellbeing in the public realm. Originating from Newcastle and Reading respectively, Matthew and Tom bridge the geographical divide between northern and southern England. Having graduated from the University of Cambridge in2019 both are pursuing careers in architecture, learning the ropes at two award winning small practices in East London

Tod Chair by Michela Damone

Tod chair intends to embody movement and change, the ability to evolve into a different seat starting from the same layout. The components could be rearranged to serve as a seat, backrest, or a table. On one side the bench is more comfortable with a backrest and, from the other side on the other side, the backrest section is a table can be used to work outside and meetings. The cylindrical and semi-cylindrical shapes are made from concrete. Coloured pigments have been added to recall the same shades of the ceramic tiles.

Michela Damone raduated in product design with a Master course atIUAV University of Venice, in April 2019. Since then, her research and approach has been focused on the relationship between people and space; not only in the significance of objects, but how the body adapts and reacts to the spaces and objects that surround them. Michela’s work has been focused in a range of sectors including furniture, interior, urban and graphic design. 

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