LFA2023 Mentor Programme Announced


We’re delighted to announce our LFA Mentor Programme for the first time in 2023!

If you’re a first-time event organiser or just keen for guidance on how to organise an event for LFA 2023, we have six mentors on hand to help you develop your idea and event for 2023. Mentors are past event organisers and competition winners, all with different skills and backgrounds. Our goal as a Festival is to bring everyone into the conversation about our city, so we’ve partnered with some wonderful friends of LFA to provide guidance on event organisation, who can each provide a unique input into the process of organising an LFA event or creating an installation.

Meet our mentors:


Tim Andrews

Tim is an Independent graphic designer, painter and music producer. Tim is also one half of Mvuu, designers of the ‘The Turning Tide’, one of the winning benches for the LFA2022 Pews and Perches competition.

“I didn’t know much about LFA or the world of architecture when I jumped into the Pews and Perches competition, but I’ve since learned it’s a Festival that holds community at the forefront, which is hugely important and quite rare. As a mentor I can offer a different perspective, which is something LFA values and champions. My background is graphic design and illustration, so I’m looking forward to helping with visual aesthetics. I’m keen to advise on what I did wrong, and what I learned from! It’s really important for anyone getting involved to not limit themselves to a certain discipline, but implement what makes you different.” 


Toko Andrews

Toko is an architect at Kaner Olette Architects and Associate Lecturer of Sustainable Technology unit at the University for the Creative Arts. Toko’s also one half of Mvuu, designers of the ‘The Turning Tide’.

“LFA is a brilliant organisation, and I’ve always admired how the Festival gets the general public involved with architecture. Their temporary installations are great resources and assets. We learned a lot about the process of fabricating temporary installations through ‘Pews and Perches’, which was very quick, so Tim and I looking forward to mentoring people through that process so they can learn from what we did and don’t make the same mistakes.” 


Lucy Grainge

Lucy is an artist, designer and co-founder of touring pavilion Wiggle Wonderland, which found a home at Centre Point for LFA2022.

“LFA is very diverse and exciting – there’s something for everyone. It’s a brilliant testing bed for ideas and there’s a lot of creative freedom. I have a background in community arts and am a big advocate for spaces that are accessible, so I’m looking forward to sharing that knowledge to event organisers. I’m interested in projects that are led by collaboration, people from different backgrounds and ages coming together – that’s where exciting things happen. My advice for organisers is to be ambitious but realistic with your event, and always think about how you’re going to engage your audience.”


Duncan McLeod

Duncan is Principal of Studio McLeod, an award winning architect’s practice who’s approach has been referred to as ‘Architectural Therapy’.

“I’ve been involved in LFA for many years and have got so much from it. I’ve met some lovely people and had long term collaborations. I’m an architect and founder of a practice with 11 people; we’ve run LFA events for about 6 years with very different formats and have learned some good things. I’m looking forward to bringing that experience as a mentor and helping people run successful events.”


Janet Morris

Janet is an experienced community leader, guide, skills trainer and lawyer. Janet has been an LFA organiser for multiple years, leading tours around Shad Thames and beyond.

“I have an unusual connection with LFA – I’m not professionally connected to the built environment or architecture, but I became an enthusiastic amateur when I moved to London. I set up a community group in 2014 and we did an LFA event. I was terrified because I wasn’t an expert, but it went very well, and I was encouraged to continue year after year. Someone once told me that they were inspired by a non-architect getting involved and went on to do a similar project within their own community. I’m pleased to be a mentor to encourage everyone, whatever your background and profession, to lead an event – because if you have passion and put your personality in, you’ll be a great fit.”


Luke O’Donovan

Luke is an architectural photographer and creative producer. Alongside photographing the Festival, Luke has been an LFA organiser for multiple years, organising exhibitions in 2018 and 2021.

“LFA is a community, it’s a place to celebrate what’s great about our city. I’ve been involved with LFA for a few years doing photography for the installations as well as putting on my own events and workshops. As a mentor I’m very excited to help give others a voice and show them what I’ve learned over the last few years.”


The mentors will work with the LFA team to empower and upskill individual and organisations with their LFA events, covering both the logistical and practical side of event planning and the more skill-based expertise led events. The Mentor Programme is split into three sections: Surgery DaysWorkshops, and Resources, alongside the existing resources already available on the LFA website. More information is coming soon and can also be found in the Account section of the website.

In addition to our existing LFA Team surgery days, our inaugural LFA Mentor Surgery Day is taking place on Wednesday 8 February 2023 near London Bridge. Prospective event organisers can chat through their ideas and ask questions to all of our 2023 mentors, who will be able to offer unique advice and support based on their past experiences. To book a slot , please email info@londonfestivalofarchitecture.org with the subject ‘LFA Mentor Session’ and the following information: name, brief in formation on your event, and what you’re looking for help with.

A reminder of our overall LFA2023 event submission deadlines:

  • 10th February – Early Bird Event Submission Deadline
  • 3rd March – Standard Event Submission Deadline
  • 17th March – LFA Supporter Event Submission Deadline

Find out more about submitting an event here.

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