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#LFAat20: Reimagine

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The 2024 London Festival of Architecture theme is Reimagine.

At LFA, we are champions for change. The need for change is not new, but it’s something we’re all aware of. Collectively we’re facing some of the greatest challenges ever presented to modern society: a time of climate crisis, a cost of living crisis, social injustice, and inequality. It can feel overwhelming – but our role as active citizens has never been more important. We cannot reset the clock, but we can reflect, rethink, repair, and rebuild.

2024 marks 20 years of the London Festival of Architecture. #LFAat20 will be a moment of celebration, and a chance to reflect on the impact of the Festival over last two decades, as well as what we can celebrate within the city. It will also be a moment to reset, to explore how the Festival, industry, and all Londoners can shape a more equitable, accessible and sustainable city – a London by and for all Londoners.

Architects play a key role in shaping our cities, seeking and actively proposing innovative solutions to some of the most pressing issues of our time. We want LFA 2024 to be a moment for the industry to stop, reflect and reimagine how our city can become a more sustainable, equitable and collaborative place – where everyone (including those beyond the industry) are involved in shaping what our city can and should be. LFA 2024 will create space for knowledge-sharing and exploration, offering a platform to test new ideas and acting as a catalyst for change where the temporary informs the future and where projects consider social impact from the start.

This is our chance to rethink – from reclaiming underused spaces to considering how we work with materials, to generating ideas on retrofitting or sharing knowledge on creative ways to engage communities in the design process. How can our public spaces can be as reflective of the people they serve? Now is the time for radical imagination and an intersectional, regenerative approach to city-making that includes diverse voices and perspective.  We want the LFA programme to come alive with events, workshops and activations which reflect on what is and reimagine what we want our future city, and its communities, as well as the industry to look like.

We look forward to working with the LFA community, existing and new, and will be unpacking these ideas further over the next few months ahead of our open call in January and look forward to hearing from you all on your own reflections and provocations for 2024. We hope the Festival will be a space to engage public imagination, bringing together architects, engineers, landscape designers and the broader public. We want to inspire anyone and everyone to play an active role in shaping the future of our city.



#LFAat20 Call for Stories

As we celebrate 20 years of the festival, we will be showcasing your stories, reflections and visions for the future through our #LFAat20 call for stories. Share your favourite festival memory, or a time that inspired you. If you have been part of the London Festival of Architecture at any point in the past 20 years, we want to hear from you!

Share your LFA stories here



Meet the 2024 Curation Panel

Headshots of the 2024 LFA Curation Panel

The London Festival of Architecture Curation Panel is made up of industry influencers, experts and community leaders that work with the LFA team in an advisory role to help shape the annual programme of the Festival, including the theme.

This year’s panel features Gurmeet Sian, Founder, Office Sian Architecture + Design, Jessica Neil, CEO, The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, Moira Lascelles, Executive Director & Head of Partnerships, UP Projects, Poppy Levison, Architectural Assistant, DSDHA and Architect, DisOrdinary Architecture Project, Ruchi Chakravarty, Urban Designer, Masterplanner, Placemaker and Tom Ravenscroft, Editor, Dezeen.

Read more about the curation panel members here.


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