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London Festival of Architecture and The Fitzrovia Partnership reimagine Warren Street

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An aerial image of Warren Street, with gazebos and grass flooring Rabbit Warren Street © Luke O’Donovan


The London Festival of Architecture (LFA) and The Fitzrovia Partnership have joined forces to reimagine Warren Street through a significant architectural intervention, unveiled as part of the month-long celebration of architecture and city-making in June. This rabbit-themed installation is a strategic effort to spark conversations with the public about urban design and placemaking, while encouraging visitors to explore Fitzrovia’s hidden gems and rich bohemian history.

Developed by architectural firm Able Partners and engineering experts Elliott Wood, with support from The Fitzrovia Partnership, the installation aims to improve the pedestrian experience outside Warren Street Station. A temporary road closure on June 6-7 celebrated the launch, featuring pop-up events designed to demonstrate how London can evolve into a more sustainable and collaborative city for future generations.

This marks the first year of a four-year collaboration between LFA and The Fitzrovia Partnership, focusing on transforming gateways into Fitzrovia and testing public realm improvements that enhance navigation and overall visitor experience – utilising temporary interventions as a catalyst for positive change. The playful ‘Rabbit Warren’ design serves as an accessible entry point for the public to engage with architectural concepts, aligning with LFA’s mission to make architecture approachable and relevant to all as we celebrate twenty years of test bedding to solve urban challenges – from ‘Exhibition Road’ in 2008, through to ‘Street Assemblies for the Square Mile’ and ‘Copthall Pavilion’ in 2024.


Two people playing a game on the grassed street with rabbit sculptures in backgroundRabbit Warren Street © Luke O’Donovan


Fitzrovia, long considered a hub for architectural innovation, is flanked by iconic institutions like the RIBA and The Architectural Association, and this year’s programme of activity has been developed with local stakeholders through a series of engagements to reflect community spirit and historical significance.

Under the Restival theme of ‘Reimagine,’ this year’s programme features workshops, family events, talks, and tours, all focused on sustainability and the reimagining of urban spaces to meet contemporary needs and environmental demands.

Highlights of the events taking place in Fitzrovia throughout the Festival include the Rabbit Warren Street installation, a tour of Heal’s, family workshops, film screenings and industry talks supporting young people to develop their careers in the built environment with Ryder Architecture.

Lee Lyons, COO, The Fitzrovia Partnership said: “We’re excited that Fitzrovia will be a new Destination for LFA2024. ‘Reimagine’ couldn’t be more appropriate for our area as we rethink how our outdoor spaces and public realm can be adapted to be more sustainable economically, socially and environmentally. The creative process of making positive interventions to re-imagine challenging spaces which can then change perceptions and behaviour is exciting and progressive. It benefits residents, workers and visitors and contributes to a more sustainable future. Given that Fitzrovia has been the historical home of architecture for many years, it’s a privilege to be part of the 20-year celebrations for LFA2024.”

View the full Fitzrovia programme on our website.


A shot of the team standing in front of a carrot sculptureThe design team, Able Partners and Elliott Wood © Luke O’Donovan

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