30 Objects in 30 Days: Power

For our 2020 edition of 30 Objects in 30 Days we asked 30 leading figures to nominate one object that they feel best represents power and architecture – and share a video explaining why.

Day 1 – Peter Murray: Temple Bar

Peter kicked off the series with his selection of Temple Bar. Peter Murray is the Chief Curator at New London Architecture and Founder of the LFA.

Day 2 – Neba Sere: BFA Network

For her selection, Neba selected the BFA Network. Neba Sere is the Co-Founder of Black Females in Architecture (BFA) and Senior Project Officer at the Greater London Authority.

Day 3 - Jeremy Till: Hand Pollinator, China

For his selection, Jeremy selected the hand pollinator from China. Jeremy Till is the Head of Central Saint Martins and Pro-Vice Chancellor of the University of the Arts.

Day 4 - Mary Duggan: 1962 Education Act

For her selection, Mary selected the 1962 Education Act. Mary Duggan is the Founding Director of Mary Duggan Architects.

Day 5 - Eugene Kavuma: 'Permanence is relative'

For his selection, Eugene selected the idea of permanence being relative. Eugene Kavuma is the Founder of Kampala Design Week, Uganda's premier design festival. and current Community Lead at East Africas' largest MakerSpace, Motiv.

Day 6 - Clare Richards: The Voice

For her selection, Clare selected the voice. Clare Richards is the founder and director of ftwork, a non-profit architecture practice committed to creating a more socially aware built environment and to strengthening communities, by ensuring clear social principles underpin development and drive good practice

Day 7 - Gonzalo Herrero Delicado: London Brick

For his selection, Gonzalo selected the London Brick. Gonzalo Herrero Delicado is Architecture Programme Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Day 8 - Emma Cariaga: Evening Standard

For her selection, Emma selected the Evening Standard. Emma Cariaga is Joint Head of Canada Water Development, British Land.

day 9 - Jonathan Morrison: US Embassy, London

For his selection, Jonathan selected the US Embassy in London. Jonathan Morrison is the architecture correspondent of The Times.

Day 10 - Emily Gee: Edwardian Women's Lodging House

For her selection, Emily selected the Edwardian Women's Lodging House. Emily Gee is the Regional Director of London and South East, Historic England.

Day 11 - Del Hossain: National Assembly of Building of Bangladesh

For his selection, Del selected the National Assembly of Building of Bangladesh. Del Hossain is a Wellbeing Psychologist, Architect, Academic at UCL and Head of the Adrem Group (the original architectural careers agency).

Day 12 - Kate Malone: Ceramic Tile, 24 Savile Row

For her selection, Emily selected the Ceramic Tile, as seen at 24 Savile Row. Kate Malone, MBE is a London based ceramic artist, a ceramic stoneware glaze research expert and former judge on the BBC’s ‘The Great Pottery Throw Down.’

Day 13 - Dieter Kleiner: Post It Notes

For his selection, Dieter selected the Post It. Dieter Kleiner is Founding Director of RCKa, Design Council Built Environment Expert; Chair for Design South East and sits on Haringey, Sutton & Kingston Quality Review Panels.

Day 14 - Ellie Stathaki: Eden Project

For her selection, Ellie selected the Eden Project. Ellie Stathaki is the Architecture Editor, Wallpaper* Magazine.

Day 15 - Martyn Evans: The Economy of Cities, Jane Jacobs

For his selection, Martyn selected The Economy of Cities by Jane Jacobs. Martyn Evans is Creative Director at U+I, Chair of Brick by Brick Developments and Deputy Chair of LFA.

Day 16 - Lauren Parker: Chalk

For her selection, Lauren selected chalk. Lauren Parker is Head of Creative Partnerships at the Museum of London.

Day 17 - Mustafa Chehabeddine: The Lift

For his selection, Mustafa selected the lift. Mustafa Chehabeddine is Design Principal at Kohn Pedersen Fox Associates.

Day 18 - Pam Alexander: Catford Cat

For her selection, Emily selected the Catford Cat. Pam Alexander is Chair of Commonplace Digital Ltd and chair of the LLDC Planning Committee.

Day 19 - Christopher Turner: The Past is Never Dead, Langlands & Bell

For his selection, Christopher selected 'The Past is Never Dead ...it's not Even Past,' an exhibition by Langlands & Bell. Christopher Turner is Keeper of Design, Architecture and Digital at V&A.

Day 20 - Debbie Jackson: Salts Mill, Yorkshire

For her selection, Debbie selected Salts Mill in Yorkshire. Debbie Jackson is Director - Built Environment at The Greater London Authority (GLA).

Day 21 - Deyan Sudjic: City Hall

For his selection, Deyan selected City Hall. Deyan Sudjic is Director emeritus of the Design Museum.

Day 22 - Manijeh Verghese: The Pub

For her selection, Manijeh selected the pub. Manijeh Verghese is Director of Unscene Architecture, co-curator of the British Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale and Head of Public Programmes at the Architectural Association.

Day 23 - David Bickle: Felt Suit, Joseph Beuys

For his selection, David selected the Felt Suit by Joseph Beuys. David Bickle is Partner at Hawkins\Brown.

Day 24 - Madeline Kessler: Public Toilets

For her selection, Madeleine selected the public toilet. Madeleine Kessler is co-curator of the British Pavilion at the 17th Venice Architecture Biennale and director of Unscene Architecture.

Day 25 - Anthony Dewar: Augmented Reality

For his selection, Anthony selected Augmented Reality. Anthony Dewar is Head of Buildings and Architecture at Network Rail.

Day 26 - Vicky Richardson: Tatlin Tower

For her selection, Vicky selected Tatlin Tower. Vicky Richardson is a curator, writer and visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art and Founder of INTER.

Day 27 - Tom Guy: Stonewall Inn, New York

For his selection, Tom selected Stonewall Inn in New York. Tom Guy is a partner at Guy Piper Architects and the founder of the Architecture LGBT+ network.

Day 28 - Jo Negrini: The Pencil

For her selection, Jo selected the pencil. Jo Negrini is Chief Executive of London Borough of Croydon.

Day 29 - Dan Bridge: Royal Docks People’s Plan

For his selection, Dan selected the Royal Docks People’s Plan. Dan Bridge is Programme Director for the Royal Docks Team.

Day 30 - Stephanie Edwards: The Microphone

For her selection, Stephanie selected the microphone. Stephanie Edwards is an architect, urbanist and co founder of Urban Symbiotics, a user-centric multi-disciplinary architecture, masterplanning and design practice.

Day 31 - David West: The Urban Tree

For his selection, David selected the Urban Tree. David West is Founding Director of Studio Egret West.

Day 32 - Sarah Castle: The Table

For her selection, Sarah selected the table. Sarah Castle is the Director and Co-Founder of IF_DO.

Day 33 - Paul Monaghan: The London Housing Design Guide (2010)

For his selection, Paul selected The London Housing Design Guide (2010) by Design for London. Paul Monaghan is Director of AHMM (Allford Hall Monaghan Morris)

Day 34 - Rosa Rogina: The Co-Mooring Project

For her selection, Rosa selected The Co-Mooring Project. Rosa Rogina, architect, researcher and educator working as Head of Programme at London Festival of Architecture.

Day 35 - Charles Holland: Metropolitan Green Belt

For his selection, Charles selected the Metropolitan Green Belt. Charles Holland is Principal of Charles Holland Architects, Professor of Architecture at the University of Brighton and Visiting Professor ABK Stuttgart.

Day 36 - Kate Goodwin: Live Performance

For her selection, Kate selected live performance. Kate Goodwin is Head of Architecture and Drue Heinz Curator at the Royal Academy of Arts.

Day 37 - Neil Pinder: Ministry of Sound

For his selection, Neil selected the Ministry of Sound. Neil Pinder is a Product Design and Architecture teacher in Graveney School South London.

Day 38 - Colin Tweedy: "The art of building" tile, Florence Cathedral

For his selection, Colin selected "The art of building" tile from Florence Cathedral. Colin Tweedy is Chief Executive of the Building Centre and the Built Environment Trust.

Day 39 - Adrian Jankowiak: "Paint the Court."

For his selection, Adrian selected "Paint the Court." Adrian Jankowiak is Director and Founder of Nairobi Design Week.

Day 40 - Steven Harding: Lanercost Priory, Cumbria.

For his selection, Steven selected Lanercost Priory in Cumbria. Steven Harding is Director of Goodfellow Communications.

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