Key Actors: People and projects shaping the Royal Docks

As part of LFA2022 we’re sharing five new stories, exploring the people and projects shaping the Royal Docks.

From City Hall and Kamal Chunchie Way to Tate and Lyle and The Factory Project and UTC, we hope by listening to these conversations you will learn more about the both the history and present day Royal Docks.

This series follows on from our ‘Power Podcasts’ series in 2020, which explored and celebrated the hidden yet fundamental infrastructures at the heart of keeping the Royal Docks running.

We will be releasing one per week so keep your eyes peeled on the LFA website. Alternatively, you will be able to find the episodes on our Building Sounds podcast feed via Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify or by searching for ‘Building Sounds’ wherever you normally get your podcasts.


In our first episode, Marieta Evans gives us an introduction to the history of the Royal Docks.

Marieta is a Sports and History presenter, journalist and content creator who has worked in Heritage projects for London’s Royal Docks, the Thames Festival, Newham's Heritage Month and The Royal Docks History Club.

Image Credit: Royal Victoria Dock. Newham archives. View of shipping from Silvertown Way. September 1955-2

City Hall, Newham - A new centre for London?

For our second conversation, we explore City Hall with Dan Bridge and Andrea Nolan.

Dan is Programme Director for the Royal Docks Team, and leads the team for delivering the regeneration of the Royal Docks, the Mayor of London’s largest land-led regeneration project and a designated Enterprise Zone. Andrea was the GLA’s Project Architect on The New City Hall refurbishment. She has been working at Hackney-based studio Architecture00 since 2017.

Image Credit: Royal Docks Team

Kamal Chunchie Way, and the act of renaming

For our third episode, we explore Kamal Chunchie Way and the act of renaming, with Sophie Hardcastle and Asif Shakoor.

Sophie is Head of Engagement at Street Space. Street Space work with people to reimagine their streets & spaces to make them feel safer, bring joy & social connection. Asif is an independent scholar. He studied at University of East London. His grandfather, Mahomed Gama, enlisted in the Mercantile Marine and arrived at the Royal Victoria Dock in 1917. He has presented research at national conferences and local events.

Image Credit: Asif Shakoor

Tate & Lyle and the unexpected future of sugar in the Royal Docks

For our fourth episode, we explore Tate & Lyle and the unexpected future of sugar in the Royal Docks, with Chris Abell, Alan Chandler and Armor Gutierrez Rivas.

Chris is Head of Property and Local Affairs, Tate & Lyle Sugars. Alan is the Dean of Research at the University of East London, his 25 year’s experience in teaching architecture has a particular emphasis on live projects and public engagement which stems from his practice as a Specialist Conservation Architect involved in the nature of heritage and the role of materials in creating significance through use. Armor is an architect, researcher and maker, interested in how sustainable innovation can have a positive impact in our built environment. Armor is a Senior Lecture at the University of East London, where he teaches MArch studio Unit 8 and is an Associate of the Sustainability Research Institute where he works on developing innovative construction materials using agricultural by-products.

Image Credit: Tate & Lyle Sugars and UEL

The Factory Project - The revival of a former sugar warehouse

For our fifth episode, we explore The Factory Project and Community Food Enterprise, with Nick Hartwright and Eric Samuel MBE.

Nick is the founder of Projekt. Projekt is an affordable work and event space developer, who currently operates 14 sites across London for cultural and creative communities, with an aim to change the way in which developers and landowners approach commercial and residential spaces in the built environment throughout the UK and Europe. Eric is CEO Community Food Enterprise (CFE), a social enterprise food business which established in 2002 to alleviate food poverty.

Royal Docks through the eyes of the next generation

For our final conversations, we explore the Royal Docks through the eyes of the next generation, with four students from London Design & Engineering UTC: Mahia Akther, Tianna Osho, Kev Grieff and Jericho Cabalan.

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