Meet the Designers: Showroom Showcase (3)

As part of LFA 2023, the LFA unveiled the winning installations for the third edition of Showroom Showcase. Now in its second year, this series of installations see a series of innovative paper installations by emerging architects and designers displayed in some of London’s leading design showrooms.

We chatted to the designers and showrooms about the collaborations. Click on the videos below to hear the conversations.

Alternatively, you can download the Showroom Showcase self-guided walking tour by heading to our Building Sounds podcast feed via Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsSpotify or by searching for ‘Building Sounds’ wherever you normally get your podcasts.

TIME by Raphaé Memon and Sikander Pervez for Gaggenau

TIME is a series of handmade functional art objects stacked vertically on display at Gaggenau London, including strategic glimpses, considering the viewers’ awareness of space and time in the showroom, in the city, or around the world. With the clocks set to global time zones and comprising of plaster, a common material used in buildings, familiarity is generated, highlighting the possibilities of architecture connecting us all.

You can find out more about the installation and the designers here!

Beauty in the Broken by Isabella Yurtsever for Ideal Standard

In 'Beauty in the Broken', discarded pieces from the Ideal Standard factory hang weightlessly in the window, revealing the magic of the process, and celebrating the beauty in imperfection.

Find out more about the installation and the designer here!

Nebula by Antoniya Stoitsova for VitrA Bathrooms

'Nebula' tells the story of material particles and their transient state. The artwork presents innovative use of recycled ceramic waste in the form of a dynamic sculptural piece that resonates with VitrA’s brand.

Find out more about the installation and the designer here!

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