Memories of the Market

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The traders of the New Covent Garden Market were always going to be a great source of London stories, but I could never have imagined the wealth of memories, footage, photos and anecdotes we were treated to last night at Memories of the Market.

As New Covent Garden Market moves to its third location in 50 years, Chocolate Films gave us the perfect window to see the transformation through architecture and people.

The stunning photographs of Clive Boursnell brought the original Covent Garden Market to life in the most vibrant and personal way, setting the scene for the beginning of the market’s journey.  We then heard from the architects of the 1970s New Covent Garden Market, Lyn Edwards, and the new Market building, Paul Mulligan.  Three very different buildings for three different eras of markets.

But the human story is what held it all together and celebrated the true heroes of the market.  Portraits of traders and artists working at the markets told stories of generations of family businesses and the close bond between traders, clients and artists; united in one vibrant, exciting place.

Even the smells of the market were brought to us through spectacular fresh fruit and flower displays, making it a most evocative evening.

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