Gurmeet Sian

LFA Curation Panel 2024

Gurmeet Sian (he/him)

Founder, Office Sian Architecture + Design

Gurmeet Sian is an Architect and the founder of Office Sian Architecture + Design, with work that has been recognised in local and national awards. He is passionate about collaborating with communities to understand how places can be improved through the built environment and design, and to benefit the well-being of people from all backgrounds of society. 

Gurmeet is Chair of the London Borough of Southwark Community Design Review Panel, is a Design Review Panel member at the London Borough of Redbridge, Camden and Harrow, and is a Design Council Expert. He is a winner of the RIBA London Project Architect of the Year award. 

The creation of inspiring, uplifting, innovative and welcoming environments is the challenge of every architect. What better way to inspire all budding architects, young and old, than to show-and-tell hidden gems of our city, and the stories behind the creation of game-changing buildings and places in our city!

Gurmeet Sian's Festival Itinerary

The Curatorial Panel  

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