Jessica Neil

LFA Curation Panel 2024

Jessica Neil (she/her)

CEO, The Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation

As CEO of the Stephen Lawrence Day Foundation, Jessica is a proud intersectional feminist and anti-racist leader, committed to centring equity and social justice in her work. Drawing upon her rich lived and professional experience, she works alongside her team to continue Stephen’s legacy and inspire a more equitable and inclusive society for young people in his honour.

From exploring the deep connections between land, identity, and belonging to unpacking narratives of gender, race, and colonialism embedded within architectural institutions, these events collectively demonstrate the powerful potential of centring the most marginalised. These events highlight how empowering a new generation of young leaders in architecture and design unlocks a wealth of inspiration, hope, and inevitable change, empowering us to address systemic inequalities, build community resilience, and ignite a collaborative reimagining of our spaces and places.

Jessica Neil's Festival Itinerary

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