Moira Lascelles

LFA Curation Panel 2024

Moira Lascelles (she/her)

Executive Director & Head of Partnerships, UP Projects

Moira Lascelles is Executive Director & Head of Partnerships of UP Projects, a public art commissioning organisation that brings world class artists out of the gallery to work with communities in public spaces across the UK. She has previously been Deputy Director of The Architecture Foundation, Consultant Curator of the London Festival of Architecture 2010 and has collaborated with and been commissioned by many celebrated organisations including the V&A, the Barbican and the British Council. Moira specialises in curating projects that harnesses creative practice to bring about social change and empower communities to connect with their built environment in new ways.

These events piqued my interest as they all look at ways we can reimagine a more sustainable future - be that socially or environmentally. Join me and explore what we can do to measure the impact our projects are having to ensure we are achieving the social and environmental impact we are striving for.

Moira Lascelles's Festival Itinerary

The Curatorial Panel  

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