Ruchi Chakravarty

LFA Curation Panel 2024

Ruchi Chakravarty (she/her)

Urban Designer, Masterplanner, Placemaker

Ruchi is an urban designer, masterplanner, architect and placemaker with a passion for cities and over 18 years of experience across projects in the UK, Europe, US, Middle East, Africa and India.

Ruchi is a strong advocate for user-sensitive placemaking and is passionate about raising the quality of public experience whilst delivering high quality places. She believes that good urbanism is as much about process as the product and as project lead, ensures a holistic approach to place through all stages of the project. Ruchi led the award winning Strand Aldwych project for Westminster City Council and formulated place plans and projects in Victoria, Paddington, Covent Garden, Soho and North Westminster. She is currently the Director of Place of Urban Scale Interventions, a creative and holistic placemaking studio.

As we look to the future in the context of various crises, the importance of impactful placemaking, through the effective amalgamation of approaches to sustainability, socioeconomic benefits and meaningful engagement cannot be overstated. The following events drew me as they explore and consider these topics to approach creating holistic places of the future.

Ruchi Chakravarty's Festival Itinerary

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