LFA Destinations

Position and promote your area as one of the leading architectural and cultural destinations in the capital to engage your stakeholders — whoever they may be.


For 2024, the Festival is looking to work with a limited number of key Destinations for a month long celebration of architecture and city-making.

Becoming an LFA Destination can increase footfall, recognition and highlight the architecture and creativity of your area. This will help you engage local stakeholders and the local community, test new ideas, improve
the public realm and ensure your area is on the map. We will help you develop and promote a programme of amazing activities and architectural interventions throughout June.

Our work creating your LFA Destination can be tailored to your requirements, however the ideal LFA Destination package brings together three key elements. We can vary the focus of our work across each element – or indeed swap in or out additional elements

  • Programme of events (Basic package)
  • Physical Installation
  • Architecture trail and wayfinding
  • Learning programme


For more information about becoming an LFA Destination, contact  Emily Gabb.

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